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Employee onboarding

Engage and spark productivity 
from day one.

Let our formal online courses and social learning combo be the key to smooth employee onboarding. Create personalized learning paths and specific training for each of your learners to truly tailor the training process.

Hiring new employees remotely? Not a problem

Support new hires and growing employee onboarding needs for multiple departments, audiences, or offices in one cost-effective LMS with e-learning training programs that give real results.

Employee onboarding programs that aren’t boring

Give new employees an onboarding program that is social and interactive, with training materials that stick!

Grow your employee training as you go with specialized employee onboarding software

No need to find other learning management systems or training solutions when your business grows. Benkyou has flexible user plans to scale at your own pace for all your e-learning needs.

Reduce churn & employee turnover costs

Improve employee retention rates with onboarding training software that puts your team members at the center of onboarding. Provide training sessions and e-learning courses that are user-friendly and focus on the learning experience.

Turn employee onboarding into growth in your LMS

Create a game-changing onboarding experience that lasts. Provide onboarding programs and training content within your learning platform that get your people excited and inspired to achieve great things.

Online course measurement made easy

Capture insights to measure the benefits of employee onboarding activities and its impact on your overall e-learning strategy. Rank your learning materials based on effectiveness and monitor your training courses as learners progress.

Give new hires a reason to keep learning

Give your people a place to share content, experiences, and expertise, all within their learning management system. Introduce them to your company culture and company policies with onboarding materials that they actually enjoy interacting with. Out with boring and time-consuming PowerPoints, and in with gamification and attention-grabbing webinars!


Our experts will demonstrate the power of this tool to your team on day one.

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